Photo of students and teaching staff taken in 1965. Apparently only
Tommy O'Rourke is missing, having been too unwell to attend (even on a
Back Row
John Wilkins, Pat Sweeney, George Burns, Hugh Lazenby, Brendan Warnock, Brian Mooney, Danny Sullivan.

Row 2
Alex McLean, Jim Nugent, Denis McKillop, Jack Young, ?  Coyle, --- ---, Denis McColgan, Anthony McLean, John Devine, Jimmy Morris, Jim Chapman,
Joe Lynas.

Row 3
Pat Hay, Pat Sharkey, Gerry McKay, Ian Kennedy, Dennis McCann, Aldo Angelosanto, Peter McAnna, Hugh Burns, Robert Maguire, ? Thomson, Con
Doherty, --- ---, Billy McMullan, Tony Gallagher, Laurence Kelly, Pat Cassidy, Joe Duffy, Pat Carr, Joe McLean, John Callaghan, Frank McIntosh, Willie
Whyte, Kevin Clancy, Alex Lafferty, --- ---, Murdo McDougall.

Row 4
Stephen Bradley, John Sloan, Eddie McGhee, John McKiernan, J Tom Maguire, Alex Wylie, Gerry Freer, John K Brown, Sean Boyle, Pat Bradley, David
McCann, Richard Lobjoie, Gerry McInally, John Kernaghan, Frank McGinley, John Short, Jim Corr, Donald Campbell, Charlie Wilcox, Tommy McDonnell,
Vincent McKeown, Pat McInally, Alasdair MacDonald, John Traynor, Michael Heneghan, Robert Kelly, Frank Monaghan, Brian McNaught, Bill Ellis, Billy
Murnin, Owen Cattigan, Pat Ward, Stuart Holden, Joe Rooney.

Row 5
Mick Branney, Gerry Rooney, Paul Devine, Gus Mackintosh, Mikey Deans, Neil Donnachie, Donald McKinnon, Willie Lewis, John O'Donnell, Stephen
Dowds, Tony Foylan, John Galbraith, Ally Fraser, Gerry Rooney, Robert McManus, Joe Myles, Sean O'Hagan, Anton Kwiatkowski, John Archie McMillan,
John Henry, Charlie McLaughlin, Roy Sweeney, David Morrison, John Canavan, Brian Tonner, Hugh Graham, Kevin Devine, Hector McEachen, Hugh
McGill,  ? Wozniak, George Haggerty.

Row 6
Peter Lynch, James Campbell, [(Revs) Colman McGrath, Peter Moran, Richard Morris, Dan Hart, David Brown, Gerry Maher, Thomas Mannion, Francis
Thomson, James K Brennan, Dan Friel, Chris Gilfedder, Pat Lynch, Ben Donachie, Bill Anderson, Eamon Friel,], John Brown, Willie Liston.

Row 7
?  Chambers, --- ---, Gerry McGovern, Noel Vallely,  --- ---, Liam McDowell, Denis Carlin. Michael Ward, Alasdair McLaren, John McGovern, Gerry
McGurn, Peter Farley, ??? Stewart,, Andy McKillop, Willie O'Neill, --- ---, P Brown, Jim Torney,  ? Taylor, --- ---, --- ---.

Row 8
Harry Carey, Harry O'Donnell, Paul Templeton, Arthur Connolly, T. Linden, ?? O'Hara, Pat Delargy, Jim O'Brien, J Haughian?,  ? Loftus, --- ---, Liam
Harkins, Tom Grant, Michael Johnston, Mick Conroy, --- ---, Jim Connelly, Jim Durning, --- ---, G Breslin, John McCallum.
Jim Nugent has provided the following information about the above photo:

"I am in row 2 with Denis McBride to the right. Michael Coyle is 5th. I believe that Chick McGinley is on the right. Charlie Thompson is in row 3 left of Con
Docherty, and possibly John Bell is on the other side of Con. Michael Gardiner is to the left of Murdo. On the right side of row 5, it is Hugh Lowrie next to
George Haggarty (Hugh's family name changed in summer '64). On the right hand end of row 6 is Davie Doig.

This photo must have been taken early in the autumn term of 1964. The 1964 intake is present, but Pat Sharkey (Y4), John Callaghan (Y4), Liam Harkin (Y3)
and Alex Wylie (Y5) left at Christmas '64. Also, Canon Francis Thomson was away for most of the term as bishop designate, and Tom ("Glory be to St
Peter!") Mannion deputised for the rest of the term."