This site, for former pupils, staff and friends of St Mary's College,
Blairs, Aberdeen, was first established in mid-December 2000.
Until then, the only Blairs site was that operated by the Blairs
College Chapel Trust - - and former pupils
piggybacked on that to contact each other and to publicise events.
We would like to thank the Trust and St Mary's Parish for allowing
us to do that. That site also contained a guest book but we
understand that the oganisation through which they did this has
had problems and the data is lost. However, we are also operating
our own
Guest Book to set up a database of FPs and Friends so
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At a meeting on 4 November, 2001, a constitution was approved to
set up a new association entitled the
'Friends of Blairs' . To view
a minute of the meeting (and all subsequent committee meetings)
click on the 'Join Us' button above, which will also take you to a
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Have a look at the many photos that have been posted on the site,
the various features about the college over the years, try the quiz,
read about the history of Blairs, check out the links to other sites of

Let us know what
you think of the site and give us your ideas to
improve and develop it.

Enjoy your visit, and make a point of coming back regularly as the
site is updated. Just check the 'What's New' column opposite each
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This site was last
updated on:
1st June 2017

Welcome to the Friends of Blairs website - please sign the guestbook and check out 'What's New' below

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- The Friends of Blairs Annual Gathering will take place on
Saturday 10th June 2017. We are pleased to announce that
there will be a slide presentation by Ian Forbes at 2.00pm
in the College followed by tea/coffee and Blairs Biscuits in
the Parish Rooms. Vigil Mass will be at 5.00pm in the
chapel celebrated by Canon Bill Anderson.
As there is a
Wedding in Blairs that day please park in front of
the College
. Dinner will be at 8.00pm in the Palm Court
Hotel, Mannofield, Aberdeen. We now have a full
complement for dinner on Saturday so there are no further
places available. This is a time to meet old friends and make
new ones, so we hope to see as many as possible in Blairs
on the 10th. (Please note that our AGM this year will be in
November on the day of our Annual Memorial Mass, to be
held this year in Paisley - further details will be available at
a later date).

- we're always looking for new committee members
so if you would like to take on the very light burden
involved (only 4 meetings per year) then please
email us

- the famous 'Blairs Bench' has been returned to its
former glory by one of our members and was
unveiled after the AGM on 2nd June

- what was

- we now have a presence on

- photos from the Open Day on 7th June 2008
Blairs Chapel
The former college chapel, which is
the local parish church and an
A-listed building, received a lottery
grant of £425,000 and extensive
repair work has now been completed.
The work should ensure the future of
the church for many years to come,
as the parish continues to grow with
the expansion of the city of Aberdeen.
The church, which was built at the
beginning of the last century, attracts
visitors from the adjacent
Museum and is a venue for the
Aberdeen International Youth
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