5 JUNE 2004




1.                Apologies were received from P Gorman, J Reid, Fr E McGhee,

Mgr J McIntrye and M Carlin.


2.                The minutes of our AGM of 2003 were then read & approved. Proposed by P Creron and seconded by R Caruana.


3.                The Chair then welcomed the members to the AGM 2004. He thanked the Bishop and the Canon for attending. Chair again emphasized the importance of Blairs and what it means to the members. Chair then drew attention to the proposals attached to the Agenda and asked for comments to be returned to the committee. These proposals he said would assist the association to be a vibrant one and this in turn would attract more members. He gave an update on numbers of paid members – 50 to date. This is down on the previous year. Attention was then drawn to our annual Requiem Mass, which this year is to be held in Edinburgh on Saturday, 6 November in the Cathedral at 12.00 hours. The Mass will be celebrated by the Cardinal, himself a member of the Friends. Chair hoped to see as many of the Friends with their families as possible at the Mass. Chair then thanked the parish for allowing us the use of the Chapel. He thanked the Museum Staff for their support and went on to thank Mgr McIntyre for allowing the committee to hold their meetings in his parish house. Chair then thanked the committee for their hard work throughout the year. Chair closed by thanking all who had managed to travel north to Blairs and wished them all a safe journey home.


4.                Treasurer reported a healthy balance of £644.00 in account before the cost of our AGM today. He again asked the members to consider making their annual subscription fee of £10.00 by standing order rather than by cheque.


5.                David McCann then addressed the AGM. He spoke on behalf of the history group. He gave an update on the progress and asked for others to join this group. He told the AGM that the group planned to make a video on life as a student, visit the archives and compile an in-depth history of college life.


6.                David Taylor from the Museum then spoke. Visitor numbers were up by 4% despite the good weather. He thanked various organisations for their support. The Museum council for example had been very supportive financially, in providing for the relining of the vestment drawers and funding for a documentation officer. The Muir Group had also been generous in their support as always. The Catholic Heritage Council has also supported the Museum. He thanked the Museum staff for their hard work and the parish for their support. He then asked the documentation officer, Russell Craig, to give a brief outline of his role. Russell asked in conclusion for members to contact him with any information they thought he would find useful.


7.                Chris Methven from the Parish Council, then addressed the AGM. He explained about the proposed plans for the by-pass, stressing that nothing had been finalised. Start date would appear to be around 2007. The plan showed that the new road would pass very close to the Chapel and would run past it below ground level. A lively debate then took place with Chris stressing that he, personally, felt that the road would benefit the Parish and Museum but again pointed out there was still a long way to go and there were other options for the Council to take. At this Chair pointed out that the Friends would make no comment at this stage but would wait to be invited.


8.                Nominations were sought for the Committee. Paul Doherty was proposed by C McLaughlin and seconded by D McCann. P Creron was proposed by J Gannon and seconded by S Garland. J O’Donnell was invited to act as membership secretary and this will be confirmed at the committee meeting in September. It was voiced that Paul Doherty may act as Junior Membership Secretary and again this will be confirmed in September.


9.                The Secretary then raised the issue of having a commemorative plaque placed in the Church in memory of all who have connections with Blairs. This motion was seconded by P Creron and carried by the members.


10.           Chair then brought the AGM of 2004 to a close with a prayer.


11.           AGM in 2005 will be on Saturday 4 June at 14.30 hours with Mass as usual at 17.00 hours. There will be no buffet after Mass but this will be replaced by a buffet lunch at 12.30 hours.




James Cassidy


Friends of Blairs

June 23rd 2004