The Friends of Blairs


18th May, 2002


  1. Chairman opened Meeting with a warm welcome and a thank you to those present. He went through the past year’s events and gave thanks to those of the Ad Hoc Committee for their hard work and in particular to our Webmaster, B.McGuire. He sought the support of all present and hoped our Association would move on to better things.
  2. The Treasurer made his report to the floor, reporting a healthy balance of £547.90.He explained that the renewal date for Membership would remain December. The floor did not oppose.
  3. Mr. D. Taylor, Museum Manager, spoke to the Meeting .He explained his role and gave his hopes for the future of the Museum. He would like to include a display on student life in Blairs and to do this he seeks our help. Any suggestions or offers of help to be sent to him at the Museum.
  4. Mr. Chris Methven from the Parish Council addressed the floor. He has been appointed Fund Raiser for the Restoration of the Chapel. The total cost to be in the region of £800,000 of which the Parish has to find £80.000. The rest is made up of various grants. He wants our ideas and ways of assisting the Parish. To help, a Blairs 200 Club will be set up. For further details please contact him on 01569 730956 or contact our Secretary.
  5. The Annual Mass for Deceased Friends of Blairs and their Families will be held in St Bridget’s Baillieston in November. The date will be announced later in the year.
  6. The Ad Hoc Committee stood down. The following were elected to serve on the Committee for 2002/2003; J. Adams, C.Mclaughlin, J.Cassidy, B.McGuire, P.Gorman, J.Brown, D.McCann, M.Murray and P. Ward. Proposed by G. Cunningham. Seconded by Fr E. McGhee.
  7. The floor agreed to hold our Annual Mass and AGM in the Chapel each year at Pentecost.
  8. Mgr McIntyre addressed the floor. He voiced concern over the need to ensure all exhibits are maintained and an effort is made to track down and secure other possible exhibits, these to be held in the Museum. His words were directed at those exhibits showing student life in Blairs. He asked that the Committee contact groups, persons or others who may hold exhibits, which could be donated to the Museum.
  9. A vote of thanks to the Chair was proposed by B. McGuire and seconded by D.Gerraghty.
  10. Canon Anderson closed the AGM with a Prayer.

James Cassidy, Secretary

18th May 2002