PRESENT: J Adams, J Brown, J Cassidy, P Gorman, B McGuire,

D McCann, C McLaughlin, M Murray, Mgr J McIntyre and Mrs A McGuire

  1. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
  2. Christmas Dinner will be held on 10 January 2003 in Papingo’s in Bath Street Glasgow at 19.30 hours.
  3. The arrangements for AGM 2003 were agreed as follows:-
  1. David reported on his quest to provide a Guest Book to be sited within the Blairs Museum. He received two quotes, one of £275.00 and £311.00. The committee felt they could not approve this expenditure and have asked David to find a cheaper alternative. David has produced Business Cards which the committee decided were ideal and thanked David for his effort.
  2. The Treasurer reported a balance of £634.58.
  3. Peter is still in need of articles for the Newsletter. The next one will be sent in January 2003 and will contain information on subscriptions and our AGM.
  4. Brian reported an advert free site and message board but at a cost of £10.00 per month to the association. A further £10.00 is to be paid to continue using our Web. The committee agreed to stand this cost.
  5. The Secretary has been asked to cost the supply of Christmas cards.
  6. A vote of thanks was made by the chair to Mgr McIntyre for his hospitality.
  7. Next meeting will be held on 10 January 2003 at 19.30 hours in Papingo’s.