Friends of Blairs

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Sunday 9th December 2001

Venue: 26 Bellahouston Drive, Glasgow


Present : B McGuire Apologies: J Brown

J Adams M Airlie

C McLaughlin J Cassidy

D McCann Mgr J McIntyre

M Carlin I Forbes


  1. Minutes of last meeting were approved.
  2. Charlie informed us that almost 90 Application Forms had been sent out. To date, 9 replies had been received, but many more are expected in the coming weeks. Charlie also presented a Financial Report which was accepted. A bank account has been opened and provision has been made for members to pay their subscriptions by Standing Order.
  3. Brian will contact Peter about the newsletter. Hopefully, the first edition will be out by the end of January.
  4. There was no correspondence or any other business to discuss.

5 Next Meeting: Sunday 13th January.


26 Bellahouston Drive, Glasgow.