Friends of Blairs

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 4th November 2001

Venue: 86 Lyttleton, East Kilbride

Present: C McLaughlin Apologies: J Brown

J Adams P Gorman

D McCann K Devanny

M Airlie Mgr. J McIntyre

B McGuire

M Carlin (Non-committee member)

1 The minutes of the meeting of 12th October were read and approved.

Proposed: M Airlie, Seconded: B McGuire.

  1. Copies of the revised constitution were circulated, and after some minor amendments, the constitution was adopted. D McCann will ensure that a copy is posted on our website by 17th November. Copies will also be sent to J Adams and C McLaughlin to enable the Bank Account to be opened.
  2. Application Forms for membership of Friends of Blairs will be circulated to all of our contact names, and posted on our website, by 17th November.
  3. There was some discussion about the Newsletter. Peter had volunteered to produce it but it is appreciated that everyone should contribute information, stories, news etc to enable him to do so. Peter will be contacted by the secretary to discuss the first issue, which hopefully will be published and distributed to registered members by Christmas.
  4. The details and planning of our 2002 re-union will be discussed and agreed at our meeting in January. D McCann suggested the setting up of sub-groups for various purposes. This will also be discussed at the January meeting.
  5. C McLaughlin received a letter from Bishop Mario Conti, commending the setting up of Friends of Blairs and asking us to promote a booklet on the history of Blairs, currently being undertaken by Bill Harris of Aberdeen. Further information will be sought about this initiative, but it was agreed that every assistance would be offered by the Friends of Blairs.
  6. The next Committee Meeting will be held on Sunday 9th December at 19.30 hrs. at 26 Bellahouston Drive, Glasgow.
  7. The chair thanked C McLaughlin for his hospitality, and commended members for their hard work to date.