MINUTES OF MEETING OF THE    28th March  2004



1/      PRESENT        J Adams, C McLaughlin, D McCann, P Creron, J O’Donnell

                                   J Cassidy and Mgr McIntyre.


2/      APOLOGIES     J.Brown, B McGuire, J.Reid and P Gorman.


3/      Mins of 18th January Mtg were read R&A. Proposed by D McCann, seconded

          by J.O Donnell.


4/      The Chair addressed the Mtg. Gave out general news and said he would update

          on other issues at the appropriate point in the Agenda.


5/        Treasurer reported a healthy balance of £684-13 in the bank. He went on to

           comment on the poor response to the annual payment of fees. He suggested

          the way forward to be of asking our members all to pay by Direct Debit and

           said he would raise this at our AGM in June 2004.


6/        Secretary updated the Mtg on the plans for the AGM.  A Function Suite has been reserved in the Waterwheel Inn on the 5th June at 20.00hrs.Dinner consisting of

            two courses and a glass of wine plus coffee has been booked at a cost of

            £17 pp. This cost also takes into account the use of the Suite. So far the Sec

            has the names of 30 persons. A message will be put on the Site and in the

            N/letter asking for those who wish to attends to get in touch with Sec.

            Bishop P Moran will celebrate Mass at our AGM. A buffet will also be

            Provided at a cost of £2.50 pp after the Mass for those who are unable to join

            The  Friends for dinner. The buffet will be held in the Museum.


7/        Arrangements for the Requiem Mass are progressing under the guidance

            of the Chair.


8’         Dave reported that the History group is encountering problems attempting

            to fix times for Meetings. The group will also seek more members thru the

            N/letter. Dave went on to tell us of the tremendous welcome he and Brian

            Received on their visit to the Archives. Dave said  this gave the group hope

            That they would achieve all they had set out to do. He is having not much

            Success in obtaining a reply from Trinidad re M. Phillips but would keep



9/         The focus group had nothing to report.


10/        Our Editor reports that the N/letter should be out soon. He had his Grandson

             unwell and has spent a lot of time in Canada. He is delighted to report that

             this young man is well on the road to recovery. For this Edition a better

             quality paper will be used in an attempt to raise the profile. The Committee

  10 cont/         the Committee were happy to approve the increased cost.



11/        Charlie passed on his thanks to the Friends for their support he and his Family

             received at the sad loss of his mother.



12/         A request was received from our Editor re the use of articles on the site. It

              was suggested that the Site be used as a Signpost to the N/letter by only

              highlighting the Headlines and pointing out that more info can be had in the

              N/letter. Peter will be asked to arrange this with the Webmaster. It was

              agreed  to give Peter more support in sending him articles. The Committee

               again praised Peter for his skill in producing this N/letter from the wilds of

               the Welsh hills so far away.



13/             John Reid reported that he has now compiled a list of all Clergy who

                   passed thru Blairs and will contact them re the Requiem Mass.



14/            The Committee again thanked Mgr McIntyre for his kind hospitality.



15/           Next Mtg will be on the    16 th MAY at 19.30 hrs in St Brigids