Minutes of the Friends of Blairs 28/04/2002



B.McGuire, J.Adams, C.McLaughlin and J.Cassidy.


J.Brown, D.McCann and M.Airlie.

  1. Mins of previous Mtg R & A.
  2. J.Adams will read the Bidding Prayers at our Annual Mass. Deacon McDonald will arrange the Liturgy. Our Closing Hymn will be Our Lady of Aberdeen.
  3. The Agenda for our A.G.M. will be as follows;
  4. C/manís report and Welcome

    Treasurerís Report

    Election of new Committee Members


    Proposal to hold the Annual Mass and A.G.M. at Pentecost.

  5. The Treasurer reports a healthy sum of £397.17p in our Account.
  6. The Annual Requiem Mass will be said in St Brigid's in November. Date will be confirmed at our AGM.
  7. Brian and Dave will construct a response to comments of "abuse" placed on the Message Board
  8. Next Meeting will be on the 18th May in Blairs.
  9. The Chair thanked Brian for his hospitality.

James Cassidy