27 April 2003


PRESENT: J Adams, J Cassidy, B McGuire, J Brown

D McCann, C McLaughlin, Mgr J McIntyre

  1. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
  2. Guest Book will be provided by 3 May. New business cards have been produced by Dave and will be taken to Blairs by Secretary on
  3. 3 May.

  4. Chairman gave an update on the Planning Application including route of the new city by-pass, which will pass between Ardoe House and the College. Time scale for total completion 4/5 years. Chairman then went on to detail work to be undertaken in/at the College.
  5. The Secretary will write to Aberdeen Diocese Mgr P Moran to inform him of our support for the planning and application – copy to Dr Mary McCaig and Canon W Anderson.

  6. Charlie will contact Peter to update our AGM flier. Dave will ask

M Carlin to prepare liturgy and John Adams will organise with

Canon Anderson.

5. Committee felt that AGM should be held in Blairs annually but will be discussed at our AGM. The date of AGM for 2004 will be discussed at AGM. The Requiem Mass will be held on 4 November at 1930 hours in St Bridget’s Baillieston.

6. Cash in account £900.00 plus £20.00 in cash. 59 paid up members to date.

  1. Mgr McIntyre gave an update on the work in Museum.

8. Brian gave update on Website. Brian still has minor concern over postings but will continue to monitor this. Payment to the association can now be made via Website.

9. Chair thanked Mgr McIntrye for his hospitality.

10. Next meeting will be on 7 June 2003 in the Chapel at Blairs.