The Friends of Blairs

Minutes of Meeting 24th March 2002 at 86 Lyttleton East Kilbride.

Present === J.Adams, C.Mclaughlin, J.Brown, B.Mcguire and J.Cassidy

Apologies ==== D.McCann and M.Airlie

1 Minutes of previous Mtg R & A

2 Our membership is growing slowly thanks to a drive by the Committee, in particular Charles and Brian. An overseas section of F.O.B.s will be formed offering Honorary Membership. Those overseas members will be invited to make a donation to the association upon any visit to the ‘homeland’. The use of Mandate Forms will be promoted on our site.

3 Our Annual Mass and AGM will be held in Blairs on the 18th May2002. Detailed information will be sent to our members and an invitation to those who have not yet joined will be posted on our site. It is hoped to encourage as many as possible to attend

Mass and the AGM.

The Secretary will confirm with the Deacon and Museum Manager the following points;

A The condition of the Chapel on the 18th.

B The possibility of refreshments before our AGM.

C Could access to the College be arranged?

D Will the Museum be open during the afternoon?

4 J. Adams will report at our next meeting on the feasibility of having a Requiem Mass in November in Glasgow.

5 A letter of thanks will be sent to Deacon Woodside by the Secretary and an invitation to remain on our Mailing list will be issued.

6 Charles will write an Official Letter of Invitation to Revs Anderson and McIntyre to attend our Annual Mass and officiate.

7 Brian will report back on his efforts to gain access to the Archives held in Edinburgh.

8 The Chair thanked Charles for his hospitality.

9 Next Meeting will be held on 28th April 2002 at 1900hrs in Cumbernauld.

James Cassidy