24th April 2005




PRESENT: C Mc Laughlin, J Cassidy, Mgr McIntyre, D McCann, B McGuire

             Paul Doherty and J.O’Donnell.

APOLOGIES:  P Gorman, J Reid, J. Adams and J. Brown


1.                   Minutes of previous Mtg R&A. Proposed by D. McCann; Seconded by B. McGuire.

2.                 In the Absence of the Chairperson the Secretary took the Chair.

3.                 Treasurer reported a healthy sum in the bank of £934.87. He pointed out this did not include payments out to be made this month.

4.                 The History Group visited the Archives in Edinburgh and report that there is plenty of material available to them to begin their project. Further visits will be arranged. It is unlikely that they will be in a position to make a presentation at the AGM this year. They are still very hopeful that they will complete their project. They will be seeking to attract more helpers at the AGM. Brian McGuire reported that he is hot on the trail of the “MAN FROM TRINIDAD” and hopes to have more news by the AGM

5.                 The Membership Group have only managed one meeting since they last reported but will be meeting soon to put in place their ideas for the AGM. Both sets of Minutes will be sent in to Secretary.

6.                 Mgr McIntyre told us he would be happy to submit articles on items in the Museum to be published in our Newsletter, the next edition of which will be with us soon.

7.                 The arrangements for the Agm were agreed. No changes to be made for this year.

8.                 The Committee feels the arrangements for the Requiem Mass for this year should be put on hold till after a new Committee is elected at the AGM. As next year will be the 20th Anniversary of the College closure, it is hoped that the incoming Committee will make it a Priority to organize events to recognize this Anniversary and it would be improper for the current Committee to put into place any arrangements now.

9.                 The Webmaster reported a problem with Emails being sent to Deceased Members Families. He received a complaint from one Family and immediately apologized profusely and at the same time carried out a full investigation. The steps he has taken since should ensure this should not happen again.

10.              The Committee were sadened to hear of the Death of Canon R. Coia a most popular member of the Staff in Blairs in the 60’s. May He Rest In Peace.

11.               The Chair thanked Mgr McIntyre for his hospitality and asked Mgr to bring the Meeting to a close with a Prayer.

12.              Next Meeting will be on 4th June 2005 at 14.30hrs in the Chapel at Blairs.