21st February 2005




PRESENT: C Mc Laughlin, J Cassidy, Mgr McIntyre, D McCann,

††††††††††† B McGuire, P. Creron and J. OíDonnell.

APOLOGIES:P Gorman, J Reid, J. Adams, J. Brown and P. Doherty


1.                   Minutes of previous Mtg R&A. Proposed by D. McCann; Seconded by B. McGuire.

2.                 In the Absence of the Chairperson the Secretary took the Chair.

3.                 Treasurer reported a healthy sum in the bank of £923-23.He pointed out this did not include payments out to be made this month.

4.                 The Committee supported a donation to our Editor of £100-00 which would be used to publish copies of a book of Memories of Student life in Blairs in the early 50ís. These books would then be donated to the Museum to be sold and all takings would be donated to the Museum. It was felt by the Committee that they should retail for no less than £3-00 per copy but that the selling price should be determined by the Museum Manager.

5.                 The issue of erecting a Plaque in the Chapel again was raised and again a decision could not be reached as to the wording of the plaque. It will be debated at our April Meeting.

6.                 Dave reported that the History Group is still striving to arrange suitable dates to meet. However, the Group has not been idle. Various ideas have been mooted via the telephone and indeed some are under way. Inroads have been made into creating a TALKING HEADS VIDEO. It was brought to the Groupís attention that a video was made in the 80ís showing life in Blairs and that some students may still have copies of their own. Peter Creron will put on his Sherlock Holmes outfit and get on the Case. A second SH outfit will be used by Dave McCann as he tracks down the films made in Blairs by Fr J. Kane. It has been proposed to continue with the Talking Heads Video at our AGM in June 2005. The Group will report at our April Meeting.

7.                 The Membership Secretary and his Group have at last reported on their progress since October 2004. This Group appears to have taken this Assignment to their hearts and have put together a range of measures that auger well for the future of our great Association. Please see their Minutes attached. The Chair would like to say how delighted he was after having listened to their proposals. Very briefly they will use all events to encourage new members to join us. They propose to play an active part in the AGM and Requiem Mass by assisting those involved in the organizing of these events. They will also run events through the Year to promote the FOBíS and its work.

8.                 The St Patís Dance has had to be cancelled due to lack of support. The Committee would like to thank Paul Doherty for his efforts.

9.                 The Requiem Mass for this year will be discussed at our April Meeting. The Membership Group will also be assisting in the organizing.

10.              As 2006 is a massive date in the History of Blairs (20 years since its closure) it has been suggested that we run various functions to commemorate this year. Again this will be raised at our April Meeting.

11.               The Chair thanked Mgr McIntyre for his hospitality and asked Mgr to bring the Meeting to a close with a Prayer.

12.              Next Meeting will be on 24th April in St Bridgetís at the usual time of 19.30hrs.