The Friends of Blairs

Minutes of the Meeting on 17th Feb 2002


Present John Adams

Charles McLaughlin

David McCann

Brian McGuire

Martin Airlie

Apologies Jim Cassidy who is still recovering from recent major operation

John Brown

The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.

  1. Chairmanís Address for the first newsletter. John Adams confirmed he would complete this and e-mail it to Peter Gorman by Tuesday at the latest.
  2. Brian McGuire responding to a point raised by Charles Mclaughlin promised to examine the current difficulty of signing up for the e-mail list as this could be putting people who sign the guest book from joining the e-mail list.
  3. Brian agreed to place a posting on the Blairs site to the effect that the proposed re-union was in danger if we did not get more support from former pupils.
  4. Due to the lack of response up until now it was proposed to scale down the re-union to one centered on Mass in the College Chapel, Tea and Coffee in the Parish room, and what access to the College that could be obtained.
  5. Jim Cassidy to check out the state of the chapel and the practicalities of the day.
  6. We had been asked to contribute to a gift to mark bishop Contiís Jubilee as a Bishop. Due to the fact that we are a new organization with little in the way of funds Charles Mclaughlin is to write explaining why we cannot contribute.
  7. It was noted that there is yet another New Manager of the Museum.
  8. The committee decided that were the College Chapel to prove unavailable in May due to the current renovations the re-union should be cancelled as it was felt that Mass in the College Chapel was the major attraction to former pupils. Many would travel for that but not just for a meeting or to see old faces
  9. Brian McGuire and Charles Mclaughlin have agreed to e-mail everyone on the Friendsreunited site to tell them of the proposed re-union and to say it was in danger of being cancelled due to lack of support.
  10. Charles Mclaughlin has also agreed to make one further mailing, by e-mail and by post to encourage more members to join.
  11. The accounts were accepted by the committee and witnessed by Dave McCann
  12. There being no further business the meeting was closed by the Chair, John Adams.