1/ Present --- J. Adams, J. Brown, J. Reid, J. O’Donnell,

J. Cassidy, C. McLaughlin, D. McCann P. Creron and Mgr McIntyre.


2/ Apologies ---- P. Gorman and B. McGuire


3/ Mins of previous were R & A. Proposer:  C. McLaughlin.  Seconded by J. Brown


4/ Chair announced that the Requiem Mass of 2004 would take place on Saturday 6th November in St Mary’s Cathedral Edinburgh at 12 noon. A group was chosen to undertake the arrangements for this Mass. The group consists of J. Adams, J. Reid and D. McCann. J. Brown will contact St David’s School in Dalkeith to seek their assistance in providing a Choir etc for the Mass. They will report at our Mtg in March.


5/ Our Chair has also invited the Bishop of Aberdeen to say Mass at our Agm on the 5th June at 17.00hrs in the Blairs Chapel. To date we await his reply. The AGM 2004 will be held at 15.00hrs in the Blairs Chapel. It is hoped to arrange a small Buffet in the College after the Mass for those who must travel home that evening. Dinner will be held later that evening at 20.30hrs in a local Hotel. These arrangements have yet to be finalized. They will be confirmed at our March Meeting. J. Brown will supply Name Badges for use at our Agm. The Secretary will issue a Press Release re our Agm.


6/ The Meeting then held a frank and open discussion on various projects that the Friends could take an active part in. The Projects, first chosen to be investigated were the setting up of a Focus group to check the viability of our involvement in Catholic Education. J. Adams and J. Brown agreed to take this on board and to report at our March Meeting. J. Adams will gather information on the running of a Day Retreat, perhaps to be held in Scotus.  


7/ The Committee were then given an update on the activities of our History Group. Dave was sorry to say that this is proving very difficult to get underway but hoped that with Christmas now behind it will get off the ground. He will update us again in March.


8/ The Treasurer reported a balance of £623 in our Account. We have this year only 41 paid Members. The Treasurer is making every effort to get this level to that of last year’s total.


9/ The Newsletter Format will be discussed with Peter. Charlie will talk with him to see how we can help Peter.


10/ It was decided to have our Meetings on the following dates:

       28th March

       16th May

       5th June: AGM

       12th September

       6th November: Requiem Mass.

                                                                                                                                                 11/ A vote of thanks went to Mgr McIntyre for his Hospitality.




Ps. The sec will be on time!!!!!