1.      PRESENT      J. Cassidy  (Chair), J. Brown, B. McGuire, C. McLaughlin, D. McCann,  J. O’Donnell, Mgr. McIntyre

2.      Apologies       J. Adams, J. Reid, P. Creron, P. Gorman

3.      Minutes of meeting of 28 March 2004 accepted.

4.      Chairman in communication with Bishop Moran re Mass at Blairs. Also arranging organist.

5.      Secretary report – covered by section on Blairs visit.

6.      Treasurer’s report – Current balance £630.There was then a lengthy discussion on the role and responsibilities of Treasurer. Currently he also carries out the role of membership secretary, maintains a general members database and is responsible for the photocopying and mailing of the newsletter which Peter Gorman produces. It was decided that after the AGM there should be a redistribution of these jobs, especially that of Membership Secretary, simplifying the jobs if possible.

7.      Requiem Mass in November – J. Adams still organizing this. Dalkeith School not keen on supplying children for a choir, so this has been dropped.

8.      History Group – Trying to research a robust history of Blairs, but difficulty in getting relevant group together with academics. Proposal to focus on completion in the year 2006 (20 years since the closure) to give this project a better impetus. Another aspect of interest to this group is to have a “Talking Heads”, interviewing people about life at Blairs, possibly starting at the AGM.

9.      AGM – Confirm 5th June – 3pm. Mass at 5pm and a buffet afterwards organized by the Museum staff. Dinner has been arranged at 8pm at the Waterwheel, to which Bishop Moran has been invited. (Numbers for dinner are 27). There is the possibility of a guided tour of the college before the AGM. There was a discussion on the possible agenda. D. McCann would like to talk briefly on the history group, and the committee would like the latest update on plans for the college and also the new road.

10.  AOB – J. Cassidy to try to get “Friends of Blairs” listed in the Western and National Catholic Directories.

Suggestion that a plaque to the students and priests of Blairs should be an appropriate display at the entrance to the Chapel from the cloisters.

Suggestion that various reminders of life at Blairs could be safeguarded before they disappear, e.g. a desk, cubicle, or even sink. J. Brown will endeavour for the September meeting to present a project format on this subject which can be sent to the appropriate people, e.g. Blairs trustees or the parish.

It was noted that the new bishop in Galloway, Bishop Cunningham, is ex-Blairs.

Scotus now has a website. There should be a LINK on our website to this. It was noticed however that an article in it suggests that Scotus is the first national seminary!!


Next meeting – 5th June at Blairs.