The Friends of Blairs



Minutes of Meeting of 16th June 2002-06-21

Present J.Adams, C.Mclaughlin, M.Murray, D.McCann, J.Gannon, J.Brown, J.Cassidy.

Apology P.Ward

    1. Minutes of AGM were read and approved.
    2. The election of Office Bearers was held. The Office Bearers are as follows;
    3. John Adams Chairman, Charles Mclaughlin Treasurer, James Cassidy Secretary.

    4. The Secretary reported that our Annual Mass and AGM were well received by the Members and that arrangements are under way for 2003.
    5. John Adams confirmed the arrangements for our Requiem Mass. It will be held on Saturday 9th November at in St Bridgetís, Bailleston. Further details will be announced in our Autumn Newsletter and in the Press.
    6. The Secretary will contact Mr S.Garland regarding the sourcing of previous P.R. material such as videos, films and old photographs known to a previous esteemed Rector of the College.
    7. David McCann and Martin Murray will endeavour to encourage more Clergy to join our Association. They will report back at our next Meeting.
    8. Brian McGuire will head up a Group sourcing archive material for display in the Museum showing life in the College through the eyes of those who lived and studied there.
    9. The Committee have approved the donation of £150.00 to the Museum to be used in the taking of photographs of Blairs College buildings and chapel.
    10. This cash will form the prize to encourage students from the photography department of Robert Gordonís to make the college building a part of their study. On completion they will be displayed in the Museum and on our Web Site. The Museum Manager will arrange this competition.

    11. The Committee have voted that the Chair make representations to have a Member of The Friends of Blairs appointed to the Trustees of the Museum and Chapel Trust.
    12. A letter will be sent to our Bishops inviting them to be Honorary Members of our Association.
    13. A vote of thanks was proposed to J.Cassidy for his kind Hospitality.
    14. Next Meeting will be on the 10th August 2002 in the Parish Rooms of St Maryís Blairs.