Friends of Blairs

Minutes of Committee Meeting of Sunday 13th January 2002

Venue: 26 Bellahouston Drive, Glasgow


Present : J Cassidy Apologies: J Brown

J Adams M Airlie

C McLaughlin B McGuire

D McCann

M Carlin


  1. Minutes of the meeting of 9th December were approved.
  2. Membership applications were discussed. Due to the slow response to our mailshot it was agreed to do one further mailing, to try to boost our membership numbers. It was felt that a membership of at least 50 was required to make the association viable.
  3. Action: J Cassidy, C McLaughlin, D McCann.

  4. It was agreed that the Chair would send cards to Mgr McIntyre (40th Anniversary) and Bishop McGill (90th Birthday). Bishop Contiís Silver Jubilee as a bishop is in May 2002, and a card will also be sent to him.
  5. Action: J Adams

    (Chairmanís Note: In the week following this meeting, Bishop Conti was appointed as Archbishop of Glasgow. A congratulations card was immediately sent to him on behalf of Friends of Blairs.)

  6. After some discussion, it was agreed that our annual gathering at Blairs 2002, will take place on the weekend of Pentecost, Saturday 18th May. The significance of visiting Blairs at Pentecost will be recalled by many. It was felt that this date would avoid family holiday periods and therefore may prove more convenient.
  7. A newsletter will be produced and sent to all current members.
  8. It was noted that there had been a request to edit an entry on the message board on our web site as the entry in question was considered by the complainant to be personally offensive. The entry was edited, on the principle that where an individual is named or otherwise identified in an entry, and the named individual considers the entry to be offensive, any request to edit it should be acted upon. We want to facilitate communication and provide a service for members, and indeed provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinion, including views that may be controversial. Brian McGuire, our webmaster, will continue to monitor the site, and edit where appropriate.
  9. Next Meeting: Sunday 10th February 2002 at 86 Lyttleton, East Kilbride.
  10. The chair thanked members for their efforts and Mr M Carlin for his hospitality.