1.      Present were; John Adams, Charles McLaughlin, James Cassidy, John Brown, David McCann, Peter Creron, Paul Docherty, John O’Donnell, Brian McGuire and Mgr McIntyre.

2.    Apologies received from John Reid and Peter Gorman.

3.    Minutes from AGM 2004 were read and approved.

4.    Office Bearers were elected as follows;

                                                          Chair ---- John Adams

                                                           Secretary ----- J.Cassidy

                                                            Treasurer -------C.McLaughlin

                                                              Membership Secretary ----- J.O’Donnell

                              Proposed by D.McCann

                             Seconded by P.Creron

5/ An update was given by the Chair on the progress on arrangements for our Requiem Mass in November. Cathedral will provide Tea/Coffee/Biscuits after the Mass. The Association will make a donation to the Cathedral. Letter from Mr A Kidd was read out re the opportunity to have lunch after Mass. The Committee have politely decided to decline this offer as they felt that Members will prefer to make their own arrangements. Brian McGuire will reply to Mr A Kidd and thank him. It was pointed out that those members traveling to Edinburgh from Glasgow will be best to travel in a group by train to receive a discount from the Rail Co. Those assigned the task of organizing the Mass will arrange for Mass leaflets to be printed. John Reid is on top of contacting the Clergy to invite them to attend this Mass.

6/ The History Group is struggling to enlist support. John Brown stepped forward to offer help Dave with his project on a video on Blairs. John O’Donnell also offered help to Dave and has joined the History Group. The Chair acknowledged Dave’s efforts to get this Group off the ground.

7/ Education Group will be in a position to propose an action plan after John Brown meets with Mr M. McGrath.

8/The Committee decided to donate £150 to the Blairs Museum after a request was made by the Museum Manager for financial support to purchase storage material for the photographs currently being scanned in Blairs. The presentation will take place on 25th September at 14.00hrs in the Museum. All members are invited to attend this event which is being promoted in the Press and TV.

  Treasurer reports £480.00 in our Account. Again he wishes to remind members that the Dues for 04/05 will be due in November and the most convenient method of payment is by Direct Debit. He asks members to consider this method.

9/ The role of the Membership Secretary was agreed by the Committee and he will be issuing his Job Description to all shortly. In the meantime all dues will continue to be sent to our Treasurer. The role of M/Ship Sec will decree that all dues will be sent to himself. He will also take on the task of sending out our N/letters ably assisted by our youngest Member, Paul Doc. It was agreed that Peter Creron with his vast know-how will, in conjunction with John O’ and Paul D, set up a group to devise ways to increase our M/Ship and report back. John O’ will also take over the control of our Database, so ably established by Chas Mc. The Chair acknowledged the superb work done by Chas on the Base info.

10/ Mgr McIntyre would like os to assist in setting up a link between the Scalan Society, Friends of Blairs and the Museum. This will be discussed at the first opportunity.

11/ Chair thanked all for attending and Mgr McIntyre for again allowing us the use of the House.

12/ Mtg closed with Prayer.

13/ Next Meeting will be on Saturday 6th  November after the Requiem Mass.