Meeting held at St. Bridget’s Chapel Hall 12th October 2001

PURPOSE To Form an Association and Adopt a Constitution

Present D. McCann, J. Cassidy, C. McLaughlin, J. Brown, J. Adams, I Forbes,

B McGuire, Mgr. McIntyre

Apologies J.O Donnell, P.Gorman, M.Airlie, J.Morrison, Joe Gallagher


The following were elected as Office Bearers

J. Adams Chairman Proposed C.McLaughlin Seconded J.Brown

J.Cassidy Secretary Proposed C. McLaughlin Seconded J.Brown

C.McLaughlin Treasurer Proposed J. Brown Seconded B. McGuire

Other Members have agreed to accept the following roles

Webmaster B. McGuire

Newsletter Editor P. Gorman

Northern Representative I. Forbes

Membership Representative J. Brown


The New Committee agreed to the following actions

The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to Mgr McIntyre who then led us in a closing prayer.

The next meeting will be held on the 4th November 2001 at 7.30pm

86 Lyttleton

East Kilbride

G75 9Bs

Committee Members


Name Position Telephone

J. Adams Chairman 0141 884 6455

J. Cassidy Secretary 01355 241932

C. Mclaughlin Treasurer 01355 903312

I. Forbes Northern Rep 01224 741130

B. McGuire Webmaster 01236 737785

D. McCann Member 0141 571 0357

j. Brown Member 0141 562 1425

M. Airlie Member 01236 613616

P. Gorman News Editor 0292 0597962

Mgr McIntyre Chaplain 0141 771 1058