Minutes of the Meeting of the Friends of Blairs held on
Text Box: Friends of Blairs

8th March 2009 at St Brigid’s, Baillieston.


Those present:  John Brown

Anne Caruana

                        Raymond Caruana

                        Peter Creron

                        David McCann

                        Brian McGuire

                        John O’Donnell

                        Mgr.McIntyre (part of meeting due to other commitments)


Apologies:        Paul Bradford

                        Jim Cassidy

                        Peter Gorman

                        John O’Brien.


The Chair opened the meeting with a short prayer.


1.      Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes were approved subject to the following amendment:


Para 11 1.2  ‘The ceremony was undertaken by Alex Salmond MSP…’


2.      Matters arising

The last meeting was cancelled because members had other commitments.


3.      Report from the Chair

The Chair had nothing to report as most of the items appeared in the minutes and were on the agenda for the meeting.


4.      Report from the Secretary

A report from the secretary was submitted.


5.      Report from the Treasurer

The balance in the Ordinary Account is - £1,845.53

The |balance in the Special Account is -   £1,067.21


It was agreed that a discussion should take place at the AGM around the amount of money the ‘Friends’ should keep in accounts and whether some should be disbursed to a charity.

It was agreed that the agenda for the AGM with proposals for donations be sent out to members by15th May to allow for discussion to be focused at the meeting.


6.      Fundraiser Update

·        Hall has been booked

·        Buffet will cost around £2.00 per head

·        Band booked

·        Tickets printed to be sold at £7.00

·        Brian to advertise on Blairs site with anyone wishing tickets to contact Chair.

·        Brian to contact Fr Chamber’s sister re photographs

·        Fr Chamber’s sister to be invited to the event and presented with a cheque at the end of the evening.

·        Raffle prizes to be donated by Executive and other sponsors.  Other activities to include Roll a Coin at the bottle and Stand-Up Bingo.

·        Duties on the evening were distributed.

·        It was agreed that any monies to be counted and handed over to the treasurer who will keep a running total and bank.

·        150 tickets printed and any unsold should be returned to Chair by 10th April.  Those needing more tickets can see the Chair before or after that date.

·        Paul Bradford could collate numbers desired, inform the Chair and then tickets will be sent to participants on receipt of money.

A vote of thanks was given to the treasurer for the organisation of the charity function.


7.      AGM Update

It was agreed that the helicopter proposals was too expensive.


The Executive also discussed the future aims of the Friends of Blairs in the light of the College becoming a hotel complex.  However, members agreed to discus this further at out next Executive meeting and prepare a paper for the AGM.


8.      Proposal to change and improve the Newsletter.

Discussion took place around the Secretary’s suggestions for the Newsletter.  The Committee were concerned that changes were made without full discussion at an executive meeting. 

It was greed that the status quo should remain in terms of the preparation and distribution of the newsletter.  The executive wished to thank Paul for his offer of help and would be happy for him to assist in the editorial group.  The Chair owns the printer and agreed that if he needed help to prepare for the distribution he would ask other members to assist.


It was agreed that the Friends of Blairs owes a great deal to the sterling work of Peter Gorman and can understand his frustration when the newsletter does no appear quickly enough.  Peter is the editor and he used others especially when there is a shortage of articles to fill the pages. 


The Executive discussed ways in which we could make the process more efficient.  It was clear that it should not be sent by e-mail as it will miss some members who do not have this facility or who do not wish to give their e-mail address on a long list of members.  There is an issue of privacy.


It was agreed to re-format the last newsletter and send it out in the usual way.


9.      November Mass


The Secretary had written to Bishop Tartaglia about the Mass but had not yet received a reply.


It was agreed that those who wished could repair to the Waterwheel Inn for a small repast after the Mass.


10.  AOB


The Executive Committee wished to commend Paul Bradford for the wonderful work he had completed on Facebook.  However, it was agreed that we could not release the ‘Friends’ database because of data protection concerns.

            Date of next meeting to be arranged by Chair.


The meeting closed with a prayer led by Mgr. McIntyre.



J. Brown

24 March 2009