St Ninian's form, 2nd year, 1959/60 (Album 3)
St Ninian's Form, third year, 1960/1 (Album 3)
Billy McCarthy lifting sports trophy, 1960 (Album 4)
The Dee passenger ferry, early 1960s
Fr John Kane, form master of St Ninian's form, 1959
Sack race winner, 1960 (Album 4)
The Pail Courts, 1958/9
Staff group, 1953 (Album 5)
Rector, Stephen McGill, leaving the College on being made a bishop - 1960
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photos of the college
Thumbnails 3 - a set of
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Thumbnails 4 - 1982
College photos taken in 1999
Old photos of the college
A few photos from 1982
More '50s & '60s
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more '50s & '60s
Reunion 2001
Thumbnails 5 -
Reunion 2001
Reunion 2001
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Reunion 2001
Reunion 2001
Thumbnails 5b -
Reunion 2001
Aberdeen 2001
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Aberdeen today
1986, the year the college closed
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-1986, the year the
college closed
Full college photo 1965
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1940s & earlier
More photos from 1986
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Full college photo 1953
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AGM 2002
AGM, May 2002
Memorial Mass, Nov 2002
Thumbnails 8 - Memorial
Mass, Nov 2002
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Full college photo 1959
Large Archive Photo Collection
When the college was closed, many photos remained in the
building. 1,155 of these have now been digitised and put onto
CDRs. However, it was not possible to scan them and they
have simply been photographed by a digital camera.
Unfortunately, the camera was not placed directly above the
photos when the shots were taken, resulting in images that are
distorted. They can be corrected with a little magic in
Photoshop, but this would take a long time and so the images
have been left as they were when received by the site. You can
view them by clicking on the links below (these links open in
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