The Nuns at Blairs
Have you any information about the sisters - names*, anecdotes, historical,
etc - which you could provide for inclusion on the site? Can you name the
Bishops?**  If so, please send us an
Nuns with the Scottish Hierarchy
We believe this was taken in the
early to mid 1950s. Can you
help us be more precise?*
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*We have received information that
the sister 3rd from the right in the
back row is Sr Assumpta, who
sister 4th from the right in the same
row is Sr Christina, who now lives
in Wales.
(With thanks to
Anne Spring, who
visited Blairs on a family holiday in
1954/55 and whose mother has the
same photo.)
With acknowledgments
to The JavaScript Source
**Thanks to Joe Duffy who suggests
that 3rd from the right is Bishop Black
of Paisley; 4th from the right Bishop
Scanlan, then of Motherwell; and to
from the right is Archbishop (Cardinal)
Thanks to
Stuart McDonald who
says that 2nd from the left looks like
Bishop Hart of Dunkeld, 3rd from the
left is Bishop Walsh of Aberdeen, and
4th from the left looks like Bishop
Grant of Argyle  and the Isles.
The Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy were brought to the college in 1906 by the rector, Mgr McGregor, who met the nuns at
Aberdeen station wearing a tall silk hat. He then led them to the college in horse drawn carriages. There were 14 sisters, three
of whom could speak only French. The salary was bed and board plus £10.00 per annum. In later times the boys were picked
up and returned to the station by means of Strachan coaches.
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